Switch to Jekyll

From now on my personal website will not be using Middleman as backend but Jekyll.

I’ve decided to use Jekyll instead as I was working on Jekyll for other projects and found that it had a more clearer structure. This and my old installation of Middleman was giving me a lot of dependencies problems, missing, outdated or to recent gems. I don’t know it seemed to me it would be easier to start from scratch then to fix all the issues.


I’ve also switched to the HTTPS protocol, I wanted to do this a long time already. I’m using the LetsEncrypt library which gives me a free SSL/TLS certificate.


Lately I’ve been busy with SEO a lot in my personal projects focussing on things such as AMP but have neglected my personal website a bit. I couldnt be bother re-doing my own website in AMP cause this would mean I would have to redo my whole styling as my stylesheet is way too long. But I did do some minor changes, I mean; My website was missing a basic description on every page and my titles were even off these basics should be taken care of now.